COVID-19 Updates
As of May 31, 2020
Dear Church,

As you have probably heard, our local authorities have declared Western New York to enter into Phase 1 of re-opening as of noon on Tuesday, May 19th . Further, after I completed the original draft of this letter, even more has taken place on a national level, and again locally. As a church, the tension we’ve felt as we’ve been apart has been great, and we as a church are longing and planning to move forward to gather again in the near future. We as elders approach this matter with great care, looking not to each of our own personal opinions (nor anyone else’s) but to our love for our brothers and sisters at Renewal, through the lens of God’s Word, the Spirit’s leading, and up-to-date information on the virus in our area. We ask that as you consider our plans, you, too, would consider the cares and needs of the body of Christ of whom we are all a part in order that love would rule our hearts in this situation.

Unfortunately, it we cannot put an exact date on regathering, and it will take time before our gatherings look the same as they did before the lock-down. While the situation continues to be fluid and ever-changing, we write the plans stated below in pencil (figuratively) to give hope that we are not just ever-wandering in the desert but that we are taking steps to re-gathering soon. As has been the case throughout this entire season, the details of these plans are subject to change based on new developments and we will keep you updated as we go along. 


For some of you, any date in the near future is too soon for your comfort. We expect that there will be some who are not ready to come into the building at the beginning, and we want you to know we understand and that’s okay. We will still have an online platform on Sunday mornings for those who are staying home sick and those not quite ready to join us at first.

For others, we're not opening soon enough. We want you also to know that we understand and we are longing with you for this date to approach quickly. Until then, we are asking that those who are comfortable to begin inviting other church members and attenders into their homes or backyards on Sunday mornings to join together in our online worship. Groups of 10 people are currently allowed under all guidelines.

Regathering at any point, whether sooner or later, will be uncomfortable for many at first, whether it’s feeling unsafe for your own health or uneasy with all of these precautions when all we want to do is hug one another. Remember that we are not called to live in comfort, but to walk in wisdom and love. Please pray for the leaders of the church and for each other as we seek to do so.


Pastor Dan Davis

Renewal Church

UP: Worship
  • We will be evaluating week-to-week whether re-gathering can take place the coming Sunday and post these plans by Thursday on Facebook, the website and by email.

  • We are putting together a plan and a team to help with keeping the building clean and ready for use at a moment's notice.

  • Seats will be spaced out in family clusters throughout the sanctuary. We will ask for tentative RSVP’s by Friday evening so  appropriate groupings of chairs can be prepared in advance. You may still come without RSVP, but it will help us tremendously if you do tell us.

  • There will be no Children’s Ministry for a time, though kids will be welcome to come and stay in the sanctuary with parents (as they always are).

  • There will be no coffee or snacks for a time, though we will still encourage people to stay and be together, perhaps by bringing their own lunches to enjoy on the front lawn for a picnic.

  • We will ask that if you are sick to stay home.

Until then, we ask those who are comfortable to invite others into your homes (10 people or less) to join our online worship and share a meal together. We will continue to share prayer, study of the Word, family devotions, song, sermon, and a live Q&A with the pastor online.


Our homepage is where you will access all you need to join us in worship Sunday morning. Times for prayer and devotions can be adjusted with what works best for your family, though we ask you to join on our by 9:45 on Facebook or YouTube for "corporate worship." Facebook users are encouraged to participate in the LIVE Q&A afterwards.

See our homepage for links to these resources and more details. 

IN: Community

Community is needed now more than ever! As stated above, we encourage those who are comfortable to begin gathering in your homes in groups of 10 or less to join our online worship in a group setting on Sundays and share a meal together.

We will be using the BAND app as a church to communicate personally throughout the week. Use this link on your phone or desktop to download the app and join.


We are asking all members and regular attendees to grab a buddy to check in with every 2-3 days. Community group leaders are preparing to host weekly Skype hangouts to continue encouraging one another in this difficult season. We need community now more than ever. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, first check out our Community Groups here, and then email Nick Calcagno for more info.  All other mid-week activities, such as Celebrate Recovery, Youth, and Bible studies, are on hold as we adjust to our new situation. 

We are collecting a benevolence offering the last Sunday of every month to support those in our church affected by this crisis. See here to give.

OUT: Outreach

In response to COVID-19, we are partnering with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team to serve those in our area who are vulnerable or quarantined by delivering their groceries and essentials. If you are healthy and interested in helping deliver needed items during this time, please fill out this ​form ​and you can be a part of sharing the love of Christ with people! If you have any questions about this ministry you can contact Nick Calcagno.



Our facilities are not in use, but the Church isn't limited within four walls! We will continue to be the Church to serve and care for one another spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We have begun collecting a benevolence offering for those needing financial assistance. Don't hesitate to email Pastor Dan with any immediate needs you may have.

March 17, 2020
Facebook Live Update
Current COVID-19 Plans
Please check back here frequently as our situation continues to fold and the Lord leads us in how to best serve Him, our community, and our world during this season:






Sundays at 10:00

530 Meadow Drive

N. Tonawanda, NY 14120




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